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Civil Engineering Corporation (CEC) is a professional civil engineering firm dedicated to client satisfaction by means of efficient, well-organized projects. The spectrum of services offered by the firm include expertise in the fields of Civil, Hydraulic, Permitting, Municipal/Urban Planning, Environmental Engineering, Landscape Architecture and Surveying. The principals of the firm each possess nearly twenty years of extensive, comprehensive, professional experience. This experience provides each principal with the knowledge and wisdom to manage complexities with easy and dexterity CEC profesionals are not only technically driven they are also tightly manage time and budget requirements. With strong management skills, accurate estimates and proposals and continuous training, the CEC staff will provide clients with on-going communication and proper management of each project. The members of CEC's principal staff exemplify a traditional, hard-working, family business. Their commitment to quality and profesionalism, in combination with their innovative concepts yields a devoted, new company focused on inventive and practical ideas.

Civil Engineering Corporation (CEC) is a well established firm and has developed an honorable reputation in the industry. The principals of the firm wish to emphasize their willingnes to satisfy their clients with cost efficient, quality products delivered in a timely manner. The princilpals belive an uncompromising commitment to their clients is the cornerstone to success.